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Isn’t Loma Vista West just like an apartment complex?

No, it has many advantages. You have equity in your unit and a say in how the cooperative is run by electing the Board of Directors and participating in membership meetings or serving on committees

How are after hours maintenance calls processed?

When you call the office after hours, you will have the option to be transferred to the answering service. You need to provide your name, address and phone number. The maintenance person on call will contact you before coming out to ascertain the nature of the problem. No work can begin until the work order is signed, so it is required that the member be present when maintenance arrives.

What are the lockout charges?

$10 during office hours and $20 after hours or on the weekends

Can I purchase a membership and let my family or friends live there?

You may have others live with you if you make the request through the office and follow proper procedure. However, Loma Vista West requires that the member(s) occupy the unit 100% of the time. If you purchase a membership, you must live in the townhouse.

Can I sublet my unit?

No. The Board of Directors does not allow subletting in Loma Vista West Townhouses. If you purchase a membership, you must live in the unit 100% of the time.

Can we make improvements on our units?

You can make improvements to your unit provided that they are approved by the Board of Directors or its appointed representative. These improvements must be approved on an Alteration/Installation Permit before you do them. You also have the option of accepting improvements from a previous member. The cooperative does not maintain member-owned improvements; this is the member’s responsibility

Can I use the clubhouse?

Any member can reserve the clubhouse on a first come-first served basis for a fee. A $150 security deposit is required. The fee is $75 per day if reserving the clubhouse Monday - Friday 5pm - midnight, Saturday or Sunday 9am - 5pm, or Saturday or Sunday 6pm - midnight. The fee is $100 per day if reserving the clubhouse for Saturday or Sunday from 9am to Midnight. All rentals are subject to the rules stipulating in section C of the Rules & Regulations document

Can I lose my membership?

Although each member of the cooperative is an owner, failure to comply with the “Rules and Regulations”, to abide by the Occupancy Agreement and to meet your financial obligations to the property can result in a termination of membership and eviction from the property.

Does Loma Vista West allow pets?

Yes, if all requirements have been met according to the Rules & Regulations. Click here to view our pet policy.

What are the rules for the pool?

Refer to section S of the Rules & Regulations to read the rules for the Loma Vista West pool.

Why aren’t anonymous complaints processed?

Our cooperative is run on democratic principles and there is a grievance procedure in place. To properly investigate a complaint, the Board must have written evidence to act on since complaints can end up in court. This process assists the Board in providing equal treatment for all involved.

If I see something suspicious should I call the police or security?

If in doubt call both, but always security. Security does random patrols and responds to calls when on duty. It is very helpful to the cooperative if you call security and have them file a report. This goes to the board and management and helps them keep track of any potential problem areas. Call the police for any emergencies or illegal activity.

Is our water free?

No. The coop pays for it’s water use as do it’s members in their carrying charge

What is the rule for holiday/exterior/seasonal lighting?

Holiday/exterior/seasonal lighting is permitted 30 days before and 30 days after the event. Only gutter clips may be used for attaching the lights – no staples, nails, or screws. Lights may not be attached to any part of the structure (with the exception of gutter clips). Only Loma Vista Maintenance Staff or an authorized contractor is allowed on any roof in Loma Vista. Extension cords may not be run through doors or windows. Electricity must come from an exterior outlet or exterior light fixture. Lights and cords must be rated for exterior use.
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