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Member Fees

The Process

The process of becoming a member of Loma Vista West Townhouses, Inc.

involves some up-front expenses and some on-going expenses.

Up-front Expenses

At application time there is a one-time, non refundable $50 credit report fee, and a one-time membership purchase of $195 If you are already on our waiting list, the $50 fee you paid with the wait list application will be applied to your credit report fee. At move-in, members are required to pay the equity amount agreed upon at the time of membership purchase along with your pro-rated carrying charges.

On-going Expenses

Carrying charges are paid on a monthly basis similar to the way rent is due each month. Carrying charges fund all expenses of the property. Current carrying charge amounts; Alamo $561 - $567 Bolero $548 - $554 Catalina $586 - $592 Durango $617
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