Our Great Story

Loma Vista West is comprised of 286 units. The office, maintenance shop, and clubhouse are located at 7532 Loma Vista Drive. The clubhouse is available for rental by members for a nominal fee and a refundable security deposit.

The property was incorporated in 1965 and built in 3 phases. One of the unique characteristics of Loma Vista is that we not only feature multi-level townhouses but ranch-style housing as well as duplexes with garages. All units have basements, many of which are walk-out basements.

The Cooperative has large, clean, fenced-in trash dumpsters throughout the property. Sidewalks abound in this mature tree neighborhood.

Why Choose Us?

The property underwent a 3- million- dollar renovation in 2009 including new siding, roofs, windows, and several other needed repairs. The Board of Directors is committed to keeping Loma Vista West Townhouses a shining beacon in the greater community by addressing infrastructure needs and looking for creative ways to continue the legacy of fine living at affordable prices.

We offer many ways to get involved in the betterment of the community. As a member, you are invited to serve on one of the many committees designed to empower the membership to plan events, review finances, collate and distribute the newsletter, or ensure the quality of our buildings and grounds.

Members are encouraged to attend cultural fairs, pancakes breakfasts, and other events intended to create community.

A housing cooperative is a corporation owned and governed by the people who live there. When you move into a cooperative, you become a member of a community and a shareholder in a corporation. Each member of Loma Vista West Townhouses has an equal vote in the cooperative corporation, which holds title to the property. Tne members of the cooperative elect a board of directors.   The Board establishes standards to keep the community a pleasant place to live and sets  those standards in the Rules & Regulations document.

Membership is similar to renting in terms of convenience. You make one payment a month without worrying about insurance, taxes, mortgage payments, or maintenance.

It’s like owning a house in many ways. You can deduct from your federal income tax return that portion of your monthly charges that go toward real estate taxes and mortgage interest. What you are able to deduct will depend on your tax situation.

It differs from owning your house in that you are not personally liable for the mortgage and do not take care of the maintenance. The Board of Directors sets maintenance standards and retains a professional management firm to supervise the staff. Except for interior redecorating, your home is maintained for you. Complete exterior care includes structural repairs, lawn and shrubbery care, snow and trash removal, and outside painting. Major interior repairs include routine handyman work, maintenance, or replacement of plumbing and electrical systems, appliances, and any damage not caused by your negligence.

Loma Vista West Townhouses

7532 Loma Vista Drive
Kansas City , MO | 64138


P: Office: (816) 763-2610
F: Fax (816) 761-3068